Sales CEO, LLC began as a Sales Process Consulting Company in 2006. Our clients were Mid Cap Companies in Industrial Markets. We solved problems in their sales program to increase revenue. Over the years, our projects included:

  • $20 Million Medical Device Company.
  • $35 Million Commercial/Architectural building products manufacturer
  • IT & tech accessories manufacturer/importer
  • $60 Million Consumer Packaging
  • $15 Million Scientific Instrument and Chemical Software Company
  • Plastics Forming Contract Manufacturer


Sales CEO supported these and other projects by presenting a detailed report with findings, suggestions and outcomes. With our clients, we tackled tough issues, complex problems, improved sales performances, and created a better growth trajectory.

What Happened Then:

After almost every project, the President, or C level contact observed…..”Jack, great job, we learned a lot from this. Now, please can you help us find better sales people? We need more revenue. ”

Our Focus Now – We Pivoted:

Sales CEO Recruiting does just that, finds better sales people, sales managers, product managers, sales engineers, sales management for mid-sized, technical companies with a non commodity, B2B product or service that has aggressive sales growth goals.

What we do now: we do what our clients asked “…please find us better sales people…”

Drawing on our deep understanding of Manufacturing, Distribution, Channel Sales, Field Sales and the decreasing number of talented people in the sales profession, we work closely with our clients to understand their business, short & long term, to find the best sales talent to meet their goals.