Philadelphia Eagles’ Strategy Can Win Your Private Equity Super Bowl

  1. Caleb Sturgis – Kicker injured 9/10/17 OUT FOR SEASON
  2. Darren Sproles – Running back injured 9/25/17 OUT FOR SEASON
  3. Jason Peters – O. Tackle injured 10/23/17 OUT FOR SEASON
  4. Carson Wentz – Quarterback injured 12/10/17 OUT FOR SEASON

Four Starting Players, Offense – LOST

February 4th, 2018; Eagles win Super Bowl LII, scoring 41 points.  The Eagles, under EVP Howie Roseman, invested resources with a dedicated strategy to know or employ quality replacement players for those Offensive positions. Kicker Jake Elliott, hired in a week. Other lineman on the bench stepped in for Peters. Hired & talented running backs filled in for Sproles. Foles was ready to go & knew the offense.  Result? Victories, a parade and a now famous bearded, decorated green hat, screaming mummer, we will all remember.  Super Bowl LII Victory was no accident. The Birds flew high because of an investment strategy to look for better talent, to seek, know and hire great players for the bench who might out-perform the starters. With new talent, the Eagles out-
scored their opponents when the odds makers were against them. Hire today for victory tomorrow.

In business, Offense = Revenue. Points = sales/money/new accounts/ top line $$. Your defense controls the bottom line.  What injuries on offense happen in your business? A top sales person leaves, or is considering it? You lose a big account?  Your competitors hire a great sales person and she targets your 2nd best territory? Underperformers continue their modest production & frustrate you? Current sales starters have security in their job so they don’t reach their potential revenue? New products or services go unsold & the sales team is not hitting their revenue targets?  Increasing Revenue is vital to all your investment strategies. “Sales” are the Touchdowns and Field Goals of the NFL.  There are quarterbacks (sales managers), runners (sales people), lead generators (linemen opening doors), tight ends (customer service and support) and closers……kickers like Jake Elliott. Do you have the best offense available?  How many better runners do you know? Who is your next great sales person? Where is your next kicker playing now?  Who’s job is it in your organization to come into your office and say “I found somebody great… let’s take a look at Kelly Johnson, she is kicking our butt in New England” or “let’s interview Spencer Fullbright…..his sales record & revenue numbers are a lot better than Joe. Plus, Spencer has a technical degree which helps with our more demanding accounts.”  Most small companies, < $75 million, don’t have the people resources or a sustainable strategy to identify their next great sales person or sales engineers to increase revenue. Most companies wait until somebody quits and then the replacement process begins, putting the hiring process under stress, creating more problems. Many PE partners and their portfolio’s managers focus on re-organization, finance, productivity – who is the sales Howie in your organization?  Thank you for looking at my site.  I specialize in finding sales people, sales engineers, talent that gets revenue so you can win the game and increase the value of your company(s). I am experienced…..and provide a better value than other recruiters. Let’s talk and see where I can assist you to find better sales people & revenue generating talent.

Which investments will make the playoffs next year? Start today to improve your sales teams. Who’s on your bench?